Living Water Partners with Exile Intl. on Clean Water Project in Congo

November, 2013Over the past few months, the Living Water Project has partnered with Exile International ( for a clean water project for the Peace Lives Center in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  This project serves the campus at PLC with a reliable source of clean water captured from rainwater and held in a series of protected storage tanks at the site.  Instead of paying several hundred dollars a month for water of questionable quality to be trucked in, it now is collected for free on site and is even being distributed to some in the surrounding community.

The list of needs for helping out former child soldiers in Congo is long and complex, but it is an honor to at least be able to provide them with the basic necessity of clean drinking water because of the generosity of donors from Otter Creek.

Here are a few pictures of the new water system, and those who are happy to now have clean water!



Water Tanks on Truck and Didi

photo PLC group

Didi Drawing Water from 5m3 Tank

5m3 Tank Installed