Presents With a Purpose 2013

On November 18, Living Water teamed up with Presents With a Purpose at The Well Coffee House in Nashville, Tn.  Nashvillians came to shop amid a global marketplace, buying gifts to support non-profit organizations.   The event raised $18,000 total for all the organizations that participated. Living Water presented a booth allowing people to buy the gift of clean water.  We are very excited to report that $6288 was committed to clean water projects from this event! Living Water would like to especially thank Linda Zelnick, Jessica Schwieger, and Jennifer Thompson for their help with the running of the booth!  Thank you to the Bennett and Schwieger families for organizing and providing tangible gifts of t-shirts, water bottles, and ornaments.  Props to TJ McCloud for setting up a running water well at the booth.  Thank you to Sarah Wilson  for the pictures of our booth!  Your participation has helped supply clean water to those in need.

No matter where you live, you can help too!  If you would be interested in organizing a "Presents With a Purpose" in your area to benefit Living Water, please contact Living Water for details!

Our Booth