Living Water Project Board of Directors

Kevin Colvett  (Director since 2009)
Registered Professional Environmental Engineer
Project Engineer – Inflo Design Group
Franklin, TN

Jon Lee  (Director since 2004, President)
Director of Operations – Living Water Project
Director of Data Services – Chief Executive Group
Brentwood, TN

Michael O’Dell  (Director since 2014)
Vice President of US Operations -
Brentwood, TN

Michael Kirby (Director since 2019)
Chief Financial Officer - Belle Meade Plantation
Brentwood, TN

Troy Link  (Director since 2017)
Software Development Engineer - Gift Clarity
Nashville, TN

Jamie Roberts (Director since 2019)
Editorial Director - Hammock Publishing Inc.
Nashville, TN

Jessica Schwieger  (Director since 2016, Assistant Treasurer)
Home Educator and Farm Manager – Bluebird Valley Farm
Franklin, TN

Scott Schwieger (Director since 2017)
Chief Compliance Officer - Acadia Healthcare
Franklin, TN

Luke Tenery  (Director since 2004)
Senior Managing Director – Ankura Consulting Group
Chicago, IL

Jennifer Thompson  (Director since 2016, Board Secretary)
Data Scientist - Devoted Health
Cambridge, MA

Linda Benthall Zelnik  (Director since 2006, Treasurer)
Certified Coach and Founder - ALTA Coaching. Faculty Fellow - Lipscomb University
Nashville, TN

Marketing & Fundraising

Scott Schwieger (Chair)
Linda Benthall Zelnik
Jessica Schwieger
Troy Link
Luke Tenery

Kevin Colvett (Chair)
Jon Lee

Technology & Communications
Jennifer Thompson (Chair)
Michael O'Dell
Jamie Roberts