End of Year Giving


It keeps our Christmas trees green, boils sweet potatoes for the casseroles, and it makes chocolate into a delicious hot drink.  We turn the faucet, and there it is. Clean and fresh. Instantaneous. But many are not so blessed.

More than 1 in 10 of our global neighbors lack ready access to clean water.  For them, getting water means carrying 5 gallons at a time, bucket perched on their head, for miles, everyday.  That water is often not clean, but drawn from a source that carries disease and parasites. It is mostly the women and girls doing the lifting and carrying, taking them away from opportunities for school and work.   

Together, we can bring good tidings of great joy to some of these neighbors.  The Living Water Project works with local Christian ministry partners who help us place wells and water sources where they are needed most.  Those ministers bring the good news of Jesus to the same people receiving the good news of life-giving water. These projects are dug and built by local tradesmen, delivering water for, on average, $9 per person.  That modest amount can save a life from death, sickness, blindness, and disease, just by providing what we take for granted. Every penny of your donation goes to water projects because we are completely volunteer-run.  

This year, Living Water is working in more than a dozen countries in Africa and Central America.  We have plenty of opportunities to put your gifts to work. Here’s how you can help -

  • Year-End Generosity.  Generously include Living Water in your giving this year.  We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, so your donations are tax deductible.

  • Monthly Giving.  Sign up to be a monthly donor.  We can facilitate an automatic gift that will share your generosity all year long.  This year, we set a goal of ending 2018 with 33 monthly donors. We currently have 19.  Help us meet our goal!

  • Give the Gift of Water.  Make a donation to Living Water to honor someone on your Christmas list. 

  • Corporate Gifts.  Talk to your business, employer, or church about making a gift to Living Water.  We have corporate partners who honor their commitment to mission, social justice, and honoring their people by sharing the gift of clean water.

  • Amazon Smile.  Designate Living Water as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile.  Here’s how.  Every dollar you spend on Amazon, when you shop through smile.amazon.com (same stuff, same prices as Amazon without the smile) results in a donation to the charity you designate.  

Your giving will change lives.  Please join us. We promise good stewardship of every gift.