Give the Gift of Clean Water this Giving Tuesday!

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70% of our earth is covered in it.

65% of our bodies are made of it.

Yet, more than 1 in 10 of our global neighbors don’t have reliable access to clean water.

This giving Tuesday, won’t you join Living Water in giving the gift of clean water?

For Americans, clean, fresh water is abundant. We pay the bill, turn the tap, and it pours out— about 100 gallons a day for those of us in the United States. But many other countries do not have such access. In many places, our neighbors are dipping water from sources that carry river blindness, giardia, guinea worm, and other parasites and diseases. They then carry that water, sometimes for miles, 5 gallons at a time. It’s no wonder that they live on only 3.5 gallons a day. (That’s how much Americans flush in one or two trips to the bathroom!)

The lack of clean water and accompanying poor sanitation hit our youngest neighbors the hardest. Every year, more than 700,000 children ages 5 and under die from preventable diseases caused by lack of clean water. It hits our female neighbors hardest of all, particularly in places where they’re responsible for collecting water for the entire family. Such a time-intensive daily task makes it hard for them to go to school.

The good news? Living Water can bring water to these neighbors. Our large network of ministry partners alerts us to places that lack this life-giving resource, so we know where the needs are. We have drilling and construction partners who employ crews in-country to dig the wells and build the projects. We also employ an efficient process that allows us to complete these projects affordably. On average, our projects bring clean water at a cost of $9 per person.

$9 keeps our neighbor from catching a crippling or blinding parasite from a stream. It keeps infants and toddlers from fatal diarrhea. It frees girls to attend school. It frees all individuals from worry over a daily need, elevating the life and culture of the community.

Living Water currently has opportunities to provide wells in more than a dozen countries in Africa and Central America, and others will surely arise—like last year’s typhoon relief in the Philippines. Will you partner with us financially to bring clean water to our global neighbors?

Please give generously. Our organization is all volunteer-run, so your gift goes directly to clean water projects—to the gift of life.