A Note From Our Director: 2017 in Review

Thanks to the hard work and generosity of so many, 2017 was a wonderful year for the Living Water Project!  Below is a snapshot of that year, and some updated numbers on what’s been accomplished since our founding. 

In 2017 TWLP funded a total of 104 new wells/clean-water projects, with a total of $302,000 committed to these projects.  Both of these numbers are all-time single-year highs for us.  The breakdown of projects by country is as follows: 
Chad   36  
Togo    23
Zambia   20
Cameroon  14
Niger   4
Benin  3
Nicaragua   1
India   1
Democratic Republic of the Congo   1
Kenya   1

Approximately 74,600 people are benefitting from these 104 wells on a daily basis.  To put this in perspective, this is almost identical to the population of Franklin, TN (74,794).

The wells in Benin and Cameroon were our first-ever to be funded in those countries.

2017 was TWLP’s 17th year of partnering with communities around the world to provide clean water.  Since its founding in 2001, Living Water has funded a total of 379 wells/clean-water projects in 22 different countries.  These projects represent a total of $968,070 committed to clean water development.

…..and, as always, all of this was work has been done by unpaid volunteers!

We are so grateful for the role that so many of you have played in making all of this possible, and we look forward to seeing how God blesses this ministry in 2018.

This report was written by Jon Lee, Director of Operations.

The Living Water Project would like to thank volunteer Cara L. Harris for designing the graphics below!

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