The Living Water Zambia Summer Well Challenge!

Over the past four years, The Living Water Project has funded 7 wells per drilling season in Zambia. We have partnered with the Namwianga Mission in Zambia. Our well coordinator in Zambia is Shadreck Sibwaalu. Shadreck works with Namwianga Missions in Zambia and has become a most outstanding water project coordinator and partner with The Living Water Project. Every year, he surveys villages to find those areas in the most need for clean water wells. This year, Shadreck has identified 8 villages that do not have a clean water source. They currently gather water from holes collecting rain water (see pictures below).  Thanks to our generous donors, we have enough funds for 5 wells ($30,000). We are still needing funds for 3 more wells.  We need $18,000 by the end of July to be able to fund these wells. Will you join us?

The 8 Proposed Villages in greatest need of wells in 2015 are as follows. Please see the pictures below of each village and their current water source. 

1.      Kabele village

2.      Kabombo village

3.      Mayoba village

4.      Njebe village

5.      Siachaihja village

6.      Siakuba village

7.      Sichimwa village

8.      Simapungula village

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