New Zambian Wells!

We are so excited to share the pictures of five of the new wells built in Zambia!  The final two will be built in July once the rainy season is over. We are so thankful for our partners in Ellie Hamby and Shadreck Sibwaalu, who executed the building of the wells!

Well #1!

Second WellWell #2!

Second well kabanga village-Fresh Water at Well #2!

Third Well 1Watching for Clean Water at Well #3!

Third Well 2Watching Water come from Well #3!

Fourth Well 3Well #4 - First taste of water!

Fourth Well 2Well #4- Filling up with clean water!

Fourth Well 1Well #4- Taking the water home

Fifth WellWell #5!

Kanyanga-The Rig at work!

Photo0036Our driller in Zambia, the Giga group, hard at work.

Well Masempela BeforeThe water source used by one of the villages prior to the well being built.

Kanyanga Previous Water Source - Hand-Dug WellAnother previous water source prior to a local well being built.