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6:07 PMFinished!!  What an amazing day - 14 hours and 7 minutes, 60 miles, and over $19,000 raised for Living Water so far.  We are truly grateful to Ken for doing this!








6:04 PM On mile 60, and heading for the finish.  There are 12 of us with Ken, and we can see St. Bartholomew's Church in the distance.  There's a group waiting there and we can already hear them cheering.








5:53 PM Mile 59.  It's gotten pretty cold and breezy.








5:24 PM Now on mile 58, heading down Harding Road.  There's a lot of traffic tonight, so we're having to stay really close to the edge of the road.







4:10 PM Several of us have joined him on mile 53.  This is Ken's last loop around the Belle Meade Blvd. area.  After we pass Immanuel Baptist Church in a couple of miles, we'll head back over toward Green Hills.








2:48 PM Waiting on another update on mileage.  It appears that Ken is around mile 49.  He was struggling a bit for a while, but apparently has hit a second wind (or would this be a fifth or sixth wind?).

1:47 PM Mile 45 and counting.  Amazing!

1:03 PM Ken is now on mile 42.  Here is a picture of him talking with reporters from Channel 4 and Fox 17 News this moring, around mile 29.







12:13 PM 37 miles now in the books.  Run Ken Run!

11:00 AM Ken is has now completed 34 miles.  Hard to believe that he's gone that far, but still has a full marathon left before he's done.

9:45 AM Ken is almost at the 30-mile mark, and holding up well.  Channel 4 and Fox 17 News were both just here taping footage and asking questions to run stories about Ken's run on tonight's news.

8:47 AM Now on mile 23.  The weather is overcast, but thankfully no rain so far.

7:21 AM Ken is now on mile 17.

5:15 AM Ken is on mile 7.  Still pitch dark and no traffic in Belle Meade.

4:45 AM Mile 5 on Belle Meade Blvd.








4:05 AM Mile 1 - only 59 1/2 miles to go.  Ken started his run with Kevin Colvett, Jon Lee, Dan Bradfield and Bill Evans.  Dan ran part of the way with Ken back in 2002 when he ran 50 miles for his 50th birthday to raise money for Living Water.








Dec. 23 - 4:00 AM Ken started at the entrance to Percy Warner Park in Belle Meade at 4AM sharp.  He said he wasn't able to sleep much last night, but was still ready to go.  The weather is good for running - overcast and 42 degrees.